Energy Regulation Performances and Stability

The exchanges between the building and the storage zone must be monitored to guarantee a high level of long-lasting performance. Therefore a dedicated regulation adapted to the application must be introduced, to set up a symbiosis between the building and its storage system.

By controlling the levels of temperature in the storage zone (from a few to tens of degrees) we can design a system perfectly adapted to the needs of the building. The regulation allows to act all the time on the COP of heat pumps, by selecting the most efficient levels of temperature in the storage: thus a COP between 4 and infinity can be reached (infinity meaning that the building is thermally autonomous, without need of heat pumps).

This principle is at the core of regulation systems patented and developed by Ventilone.

On the one hand, a rigorous sizing of the installation is performed. This sizing depends on geological and thermal characteristics of the ground and on the building requirements, as well as on its life cycle.

On the other hand, energy regulation controls long-term performances. It steers season after season the cyclic functioning and avoids an uncontrolled imbalance of the geothermal plant.