Modeling In Silico Modeling

We develop our own engineering workshop allowing to define a whole geothermal system (building, basements, equipments), with or without thermal storage, on probes and\or on geothermal foundations. We look for the most effective solution from environmental and financial points of view.

Our tools allow the dynamic simulation of the building coupled to the geothermal plant. We take into account:

   - The building (thermal needs for heating, cooling, hot water, architectural constraints, performance requirements),

   - The localization of the building (local environment, meteorology),

   - The local geology (thermal properties and constitution of ground),

   - Equipments (heat pumps, solar panels if any, auxilliaries)

   - And time…

In this environment, any latitude is given to create a virtual field of probes, or the foundations of a building, whatever their size and number. The synthetic building as well as heat collectors (solar panels, etc.), energy production devices (heat pumps, thermofrigopumps) and hydraulics (tanks, pumps, valves,...) are taken into account in detail based on their technical characteristics. Several products can thus be evaluated in order to define the most efficient combination. Finally, we can define the characteristics of customized heat pumps leading to a perfect fit of the installation.

We analyse hourly and for several years the interactions between the building and the geothermal plant while applying at any time the local meteorological data. We also consider interannual climate variations for checking reliability against weather hazards.

Various options can be investigated for the same building. For each, we produce precise evaluations of long term performances and costs. You then have all pieces in your hand to choose the solution that best fits your needs.