IBS Regulation Managing Energy

The global performance is tightly coupled with energy management.
To this end, Ventilone developed the IBS process to manage the thermal needs of the building.

IBS relies on a proprietary technology allowing to divide the storage zone into thermal sectors. Real time, intelligent management selects sectors for injecting and extracting energy efficiently. The IBS process is regulated by an automation platform.

IBS assesses permanently the current state of the system (available resources, needs, current state of the storage zone). It mobilizes various procedures to meet the current demands of the building: storage or direct use of heat and cold, energy transfer from the buffering zone (direct heating or cooling); or transfer through thermofrigopumps with a selection of the best adapted sectors.

The IBS process, along with a fine design of the overall system, covers a large range of applications: heating; heating + cooling (equilibrated or not); cooling; domestic hot water, …