Design & Deployment Creating Efficiency

SOGAMA, Montauban, France (82)

We propose you geothermal plants and interseasonal storage systems that are the most adapted to your projects.

After a precise determination of the needs of the building, in coordination with architects and building engineering, our tools allow us to estimate several options and to compute them with great details (performances, investment, operating cost, CO2 emissions), to propose you solutions at your choice.

It is up to you to choose then, by selecting the convenient balance between efficiency and cost.

Once the choice is made, we take on project's engineering.

- Thermal response test.
- Componenets sizing :

    - Geothermal field : design, connection network, building integration,
    - Energy production : (reversible) heat pumps selection, auxilliaries (intermediate buffers, switching, circulating pumps,...),
    - Energy sensors : (thermal) solar panels (hot water production, heat/cold loading in case of interseasonnal storage) : technical specification and selection, surface, positioning; industrial heat recycling,
    - IBS regulation (in case of interseasonnal storage) : strategy customization, automation definition.

- Installation procedure definition, redaction of guidelines, maps and specifications for installers.
- Follow-up of the construction site (schedules, coordination of third parties). We come with you up to the starting (commissioning, acceptance tests, startup).