Who We Are

We are senior engineers skilled in computing sciences and energy industry. We dedicate our know-how and development effort to the production of efficient solutions that fight against climate change while reducing fossil fuels dependency. Our research is focused on solutions that deliver high performances with a minimum environmental footprint.

We create integrated thermal systems based on seasonal heat storage that dramatically improve energy efficiency of buildings, anywhere at all times.

We believe there's no place for hazard and approximation in such systems.

Since 2003, we have been extending our technology portfolio. We own proprietary tools and means to size and manage projects from end to end, case by case. We don't sell software, instead we propose design and deployment services.

Our systems aim at supplying buldings with heating, cooling and hot water. Targets are public and office buildings, council and residential housing, malls, pools, green houses, datacenters and more generally any large or tall building that requires thermal supply.

This site presents the way we create such systems, and how they could be integrated in your projects.