Seasonal heat storage is at the core of highly efficient, renewable energy based systems that aim at heating and cooling buildings and groups of buildings with a large domain of applications : public and office buildings, council and residential housing, malls, gymnasiums, pools, greenhouses, datacenters and more generally any large or tall building that requires thermal supply.
We do not handle the single-family dwelling, except in the case of residential groupings.

The integration can be made in various environments, in the country as well as in the city, and generates few environmental and visual impacts.

Industrial heat, rejected for example by electric equipments, can be recycled and feed tertiary and industrial buildings. Besides, this conception allows new modes of thermal dissipation with limited sanitary risks.

The use of a massive inertial system also allows a new architectural approach, in which the building is conceived as a seasonal sensor, opening the way to new modes of insulation and solar capture.